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If you are cat lover and looking for cat jewellery and sculptures you’re in the right place. As you might have guessed from my logo – I am a little bit cat obsessed. I just adore these elegant, cute, feisty and funny creatures – big cats such as tigers and cheetahs as well as moggies. It never gets boring when you are owned by a cat! And cats are also good for your mental and physical health.

Our own cat Bobby is my little muse.

My husband and I are privileged to share our home with a very special cat called Bobby. Despite the name she’s a girl and she had a really bad start in life. People found her in a bin when she was only a few weeks old and her mum and siblings were nowhere to be seen. What exactly happened to her we will never find out. What we do know is that when I uploaded her photo on the local Cats Protection branch’s website, I used to be in charge of, I totally fell in love with her gorgeous fur face. We adopted her, when she was about 12 weeks old and she was very poorly. The vet didn’t think she would live for very long – and guess what, with a lot of TLC she went on to become a very healthy cat who will celebrate her 15th birthday this year. We live near a very busy road so from an early age we have been walking Bobby on a leash and we even go for long walks in the local forest with her. As you can see I could talk about our cat all day long – like most cat crazy people. The good news is – you can find a lot of articles about her and cats in general in the blog section here on the website – and even some videos and tons of photos.

I work from home, which means Bobby is rarely on her own. And when she doesn’t take naps, she comes to me and makes sure I take a break and cuddle and feed her. She is indeed my little muse.

I just love the beautiful shapes cats have – all curves and triangles, their gorgeous eyes, beautiful ears and cute noses. And those paws…

Anyway what I am trying to say is – cats inspire my work. And when you click the link on the photo you can get straight to the shop section with my cat jewellery and also coming soon – sculptures.

Cat jewellery and sculptures made with polymer clay.

Most of my cat jewellery is made with polymer clay, but I also use other materials such as plated charms and beads. I also plan to work more with Precious Metal Clay (which is very fine silver) – now that I have a kiln.

I hope you like my range of cat pendants, bracelets, earrings and brooches. Please feel free to browse and share with your cat crazy friends.

Helen x

Bobby as a kitten